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My family recently visited the beautiful Cancun, Mexico. Our trip lasted about 5-6 full days so we wanted to do and see as much as we could. The very first thing we did when we arrived at our hotel (after a long nap) was to schedule our whole week with activities and sight seeing adventures. Most hotels in Cancun will have a concierge service that will help you plan out your whole vacation. Each service and tour we took was highly professional and super organized. It really made our trip to Mexico my favorite vacation yet.

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Chichen Itza | Yucatan, Mexico

We wanted our first full day in Cancun to be pretty low key because we knew we had a lot of activities ahead. The first tour we booked was to the world famous Chichen Itza. This was the first tour of our trip so we didn’t know what kind of service to expect from the tour guides. We were told to meet in the hotel lobby at 8am and our bus would pick us up. There were many tours and buses that came in and out of our hotel so you had to pay attention when yours arrives. Each tour bus had a list of their passengers and would call out your names when your bus was there and when it was time to board. We were given a colored wristband to let the driver know that you’re supposed to be on his bus. The service of the tour guides was amazing. They really go out of their way to make sure everyone is happy and no one is left behind.

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On the way to Chichen Itza we learned about the Mayan Culture and it’s people.

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Chichen Itza is about a 2 hour drive from the hotels in Cancun. We packed lots of snacks knowing that there was going to be a lot of traveling. Before we arrived at Chichen Itza we got the chance to stop at a Mayan town and shop around for a little and stretch our legs.

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When we arrived to Chichen Itza it was so humid! Like it was suuuuuper humid and there were not many places with shade. Although the weather was definitely something we weren’t used to, we were amazed by the scenery. Chichen Itza was a jaw dropping sight to see. It makes you think about how life was back in their time when they built these pyramids. We went on a guided tour learning about the culture and history of this area. When you see the pyramid in pictures you might think that this is the only building that’s there, but actually there were tons of buildings and places to see. This site had a lot to see and a lot of walking so if you ever visit here make sure to bring lots of water, sunscreen, and comfortable shoes (yes, we did wear those ‘shoobie’ sandals).

Cenote Ik Kil | Yucatan, Mexico

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After we left Chichen Itza, we went back to the Mayan village and had lunch. The great thing about these tours were that they provided you with transportation and a buffet lunch each time. The lunch we had was amazing! The best cochinita pibil I’ve ever had. Side note, there’s an amazing place were you can experience authentic food from Yucatan right here in Los Angeles called Chichen Itza Restaurant. On our way back to Cancun we stopped by a famous cenote (sinkhole) where we got to swim and jump in from a ledge. The water was so refreshing after a long day of walking around the pyramids. Make sure you bring your bathing suit because this is a truly a one of a kind place to swim in.

Grand Park Royal Cancun Caribe Hotel | Cancun, Mexico

We arrived back at our hotel just in time for dinner. Before we went back to our rooms we took a little dip in the ocean snapped a few pics.

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Xcaret Park | Playa del Carmen, Mexico

There are a lot of great natural adventure parks in Mexico to visit. I had a few on my list that we had to go to. The first park we decided to go to was called Xcaret Park in Playa del Carmen. Just like the Chichen Itza tour we got picked up by a tour bus in the lobby and headed there.

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When we arrived we were able to purchase additional activities. Our family agreed that we wanted to try the Sea Trek where we get to walk the ocean floor with sting rays, turtles, and tons of fish. This was such a fun experience and I’d definitely do it again!

day-3-07 day-3-08 day-3-09 DCIM101GOPROGOPR0250.

After the Sea Trek, we walked around and explored the park. The next thing we wanted to do here was float down the lazy river. Keep in mind that this is not your average lazy river like in Palm Springs or Las Vegas. This river was ginormous! We were surrounded by high rocks, went through dark tunnels, and swam under waterfalls.

DCIM101GOPROGOPR0512. DCIM101GOPROGOPR0535. DCIM101GOPROGOPR0545. Xcaret, Soy Mexico Xcaret, Soy Mexico day-3-16 day-3-17

We swam in the lazy river for a couple of hours and were starving when we got out. Our tickets included a buffet lunch with a scheduled time. Again, I can’t say enough about how good the food was at all the places we went to. After lunch we walked over to the hammock areas and napped under the shade for an hour or two. After we woke up, we walked around and took more pictures. There was a night show that we wanted to go to so we headed back to the front of the park where the show would be held. On our walk back it started pouring rain (we went during hurricane season). Since the show was outdoors we decided to skip it and hang out in the guest areas until our bus got there.

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Isla Mujeres | Cancun, Mexico

On our third full day we decided we wanted to visit Isla Mujeres, The Island of Women. This tour required us to take the local city buses down to the docks which was only a few miles down the road.


We waited at the docks until our boat was ready for us to board.

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The boat we took to the island was huge. They had lots of drinks and snacks waiting for us to eat and drink.


The boat ride was only about a 30 minute ride and we arrived at Isla Mujeres in no time.


Isla Mujeres was so chill. There were lots of activities to do on the island, but my family just wanted to relax and enjoy the Mexican beaches. We rented kayaks, went snorkeling, and swam for majority of the day. This tour also came with an great lunch buffet that was located right on the beach.

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Xplor Park | Playa del Carmen, Mexico

We saved the most adventurous activity for our last full day in Mexico. This natural park is located in Playa del Carmen and was about 2 hours away from Cancun. Upon arriving, we received helmets that we had to take with us all day because the majority of the activities required us to wear them for safety. The helmets also served as a tracking device that followed us around the park for pictures.

Xplor, Una aventura subterranea / An underground adventure Xplor, Una aventura subterranea / An underground adventure

The first activity of the day was zip lining across the jungle. We went on a series of 14 fast zip lines which we had the options of riding in pairs or singles each time. After each zip line we walked across bridges, walked up tunnels, and dipped into cenotes. This was such a rush and I’m happy that the people who were scared of heights faced their fears and had a great time!

DCIM101GOPROG0180881. Xplor, Una aventura subterranea / An underground adventure DCIM101GOPROG0130733.

The zip lining lasted a couple of hours and we were exhausted after we completed the whole series. After zip lining, we went straight to the buffet lunch to fuel up for the rest of the day.

The next activity of the day was riding through the jungle on the Amphibious Vehicles. The boys got to drive us around and go off roading. I think the guys had the most fun on this activity because it started raining hard and it was fun to drive fast in the rain and jungle terrain.

day-5-06 Xplor, Una aventura subterranea / An underground adventure Xplor, Una aventura subterranea / An underground adventure Xplor, Una aventura subterranea / An underground adventure

We ended the day exploring the amazing natural caves and going riding through the underground rafts. Watch your heads because some stalactites were pretty low and easy to hit if you’re not paying attention.

Xplor, Una aventura subterranea / An underground adventure Xplor, Una aventura subterranea / An underground adventure

We all had such an amazing time in Mexico and can’t wait to come back one day!

With Love, Chelsea


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